Sustainable Consumption & Production | #BB4SCP

On the 1st of December, I had the opportunity to attend a 3-day workshop or conference organised by WWF Malaysia and EcoKnights. This was the first youth conference on sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in this country. Therefore, I was one of the pioneers, which was obviously a great honour. Most of the participants were… Continue reading Sustainable Consumption & Production | #BB4SCP

Chocolate Chip Cookies [VEGAN]

I took this recipe from this blog, which the author got it from this blog! I made only minor alterations—I doubled the quantity and added cocoa powder 🙂 Below is what I did, yielding about 40 yummy cookies. ingredients:     4 cups all-purpose flour     2 tsp baking soda     2 tsp baking… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies [VEGAN]