Sustainable Consumption & Production | #BB4SCP

On the 1st of December, I had the opportunity to attend a 3-day workshop or conference organised by WWF Malaysia and EcoKnights. This was the first youth conference on sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in this country. Therefore, I was one of the pioneers, which was obviously a great honour. Most of the participants were… Continue reading Sustainable Consumption & Production | #BB4SCP

pause. reflect. update

I thought of starting off with some wise, deep sentiment about how we often portray ourselves as characters we wish to become and forgetting our unique personalities... but then I thought nahhh let's just be a bit informal today 🙂 [important info in the last paragraph] So it has been a while. I did not… Continue reading pause. reflect. update

Before the Flood

This is free. Watch it. No excuse. What a profound movie! I was genuinely brought to tears towards the end during the part where the astronaut, Dr Piers Sellers showed us the model simulation of temperatures, carbon dioxide, and humidity movement around Earth. He simply said that based on scientific predictions, climate change can be… Continue reading Before the Flood