This post is purely for showing off my recently owned typewriter, and as an excuse for the lack of posts lately.

Note that I said “recently owned” not “bought”. This is because this Adler typewriter had been lying in my grandmother’s cabinet for ages. I think it belonged to one of my aunties. Long story short, I had longed for a typewriter since last year and actually thought of purchasing one from a local seller. When my uncle knew about this obsession of mine, he told me that there might be one at his mother’s house.

And when the existence of the typewriter was confirmed, I knew I had to have it. I didn’t care what brand it was as long as it was functional. I asked for permission to own it and planned a trip to grandma’s. It might have sounded like that trip was just to take the typewriter, but it was not just for that. It was high time that I visited grandma.


Fast forward to over a month later, I sent Adler (henceforth, my typewriter is called Adler) to a typewriter specialist for it to be oiled and given a new ribbon. The person also recommended a new paint. It was not originally black; it was yellow.

A week later, Adler was as good as new! I was super excited when I picked it up from the repair man. We chatted a bit about typewriters and I could clearly see that he was well-versed in the topic. He also told me that Adler was made in Japan. From my research, I thought Adler was German-made but it turns out that although it bore the German name, at some point in history the manufacturing was moved to Japan. I don’t know if I should be disappointed or not.

Anyway, do check out the Instagram account of the typewriter specialist.

I mentioned that this is an excuse for my inactivity lately. Well, I have a project in mind that involves the typewriter. No, it’s not writing a novel. I’d rather do that on Microsoft Word. It’s something else that I do not want to say, yet. But it’s something that if I manage to complete, I think it would be of great value not just to me but hopefully to supplement people’s general knowledge.

Also, I’ve been busy with work and trying to meet people of similar interests such as in veganism and environmental issues. Work takes up most of the time on weekdays. Networking may take up one day of the weekend, which leaves the other day for me to recuperate. And so I can barely make time for blogging, which is sad. But I shall keep on working at it as long as I don’t completely stop.

I have queued a few posts after this so you may expect at least one post a week, inshallah. In any case, thank you for reading and for sticking around! Much love x






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