productive discussions

I was listening to a podcast entitled “Digital Lives” by Colin Wright. He posed this prospect of being cut off from the Internet either intentionally or not, and how businesses especially would get affected by it considering how reliant their system is on the Internet. Most of us use various Google software as parts of our daily lives – Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, etc. So it’s quite terrifying, or perhaps liberating for some, to imagine how our lives would be like without those tools.

For me, I think that if I were to be the only one being cut off from the Internet, I would definitely feel left out and it would be much more difficult for me to reach out to people. But if the rest of the world is to be somehow cut off from the Internet perhaps by a massive solar flare, I think I would be a bit more relaxed because then everyone would shift their focus to elsewhere and not on a device. I’m not dependent on the Internet even though I use it every day. It’s just that I wouldn’t be devastated if I have to live without it.

After thinking about this, I have the inclination to voice out to a person. I looked to my left; the car seat was empty. Listening to Colin Wright felt like someone else was there talking to me and I nearly forgot that I was on my way to work and no one else was in the car. I then thought, “With whom can I immediately talk about this?”. I don’t have a significant other. I do have friends and I love them and all, but they are often not as inclined to care for my wild thoughts daily, as a significant other would – and that’s just plain reality.

Basically, there is no one keen enough to muse with my thoughts on a daily or weekly basis. This might be normal whereas having someone to talk to is a privilege. Or it might be the other way round for some. I don’t know. But this is normal for me. And it seems like unless you have a significant other who cares a hell lot about your hopes and worries, then you just have to put up with the thoughts weighing in your head.

I guess this is one of the reasons why I write. I need to write. Otherwise, sooner or later, I wouldn’t be able to think and behave very well because my mind’s all clogged up. The thoughts have to be displaced elsewhere. Some people may not realise this because displacing their thoughts is a natural habit thanks to the people around them who are willing to listen.

But I think that there are people willing to listen; it’s whether they could provide their input at par with the required level of thinking. I don’t mean to sound proud, as though I’m at a higher level of thinking than everybody else. But the things I mull over in my head are often not the kind of things people would like to talk about over lunch. So most of the time I am reluctant to bring up a topic lest others would not respond satisfactorily. And that would just irritate me.

So I shall continue to write and post my thoughts in articles, hoping to come across people or at least ONE person who would appreciate my thoughts and contribute theirs so as to build upon each other’s knowledge. That’s what I truly need right now – productive discussions that can help improve my way of thinking and drive my ideas into tangible results. I could realise my ambitions alone, sure, but it would take a longer time and much more effort than necessary.



  1. For me I don’t have someone designated to listen to my hopes and worries but of course I would with some of my close friends sometimes, but it isn’t enough. I want to start a blog too, because I have tried journals and they haven’t worked for me. If i did have one, I would only write sparingly.

    The living without internet definitely disconnects you from other people but it is somehow liberating to let go of that aspect of your life too. Maybe you can test it out for a week, I have done a 30 day no social media, it was definitely freeing but i kind of missed it after a while.

    1. Ooh do start a blog! If you really work on it, hopefully you’ll find a like-minded community 🙂 I’ve always written in journals for as long as I can remember and they have been my ears as I grew up. But I guess now I need a two-way conversation :p

      And yes I’ve tried going without social media and it was really good. But I always come back to instagram because I love posting pics and sharing them to people. And I learnt that if I set my intentions right then I wouldn’t feel suffocated by it.

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