10th FEBRUARY 2017

I’m staring blankly at the computer screen, the opened Word document in front of me with what little progress I’ve made. I’ve been staring at it for 10 maybe 15 minutes with my right palm resting on the mouse and the left on the keyboard. Both stiff as statues. My mind is blank, my face bore lines of fatigue. I don’t care anymore.

And there’s that red flag.

Some people don’t realise that their having a burnout and only think that it’s “just stress” or “hormones raging” or whatnot. Being in denial. But what if you do realise it’s burnout stemming from lack of motivation, creativity and progress? And worse still, what if you know what to do but there’s no way of doing it in the current situation you’re in?

But there’s always a way out, says the small and almost insignificant voice inside, nearly drowned by the numbing nothingness brought by the flames that burned so quickly and died so suddenly.

Is there a way out considering that you sit on your butt about 8 hours each day with little to no exercise and having minimum (or none at all) intelligent conversation to stimulate your mind?


5th MARCH 2017

I had little to no intention to publish the paragraphs above on that day itself because I thought I would add something more. But then days passed and I couldn’t bring myself to continue or to answer the questions I posed. I didn’t have the answers. I still don’t.

All I can say is that the burnout was real. I have now recovered from it, I believe, or else I wouldn’t be typing and publishing this post. At that time it seemed as if I was stuck and there was really no way out. But I wanted a way out and so I searched for one. And the exit door appeared eventually.

I shall talk more about this (the real reason I burned out) in my next post, as it is a topic I’ve been mulling over my mind. For now, to you who are encountering difficulties in life, just don’t give up. There are more beautiful things in life than you’d think.


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