pause. reflect. update

I thought of starting off with some wise, deep sentiment about how we often portray ourselves as characters we wish to become and forgetting our unique personalities… but then I thought nahhh let’s just be a bit informal today 🙂

[important info in the last paragraph]

So it has been a while. I did not post anything for about 2 months. It was kind of expected but dreaded. When something new comes into my life, it would disrupt nearly everything. And this new thing is work, as in a paid, 9 to 5 job.

I completed exams in the beginning of June. I graduated at the end of June, and I started work on the 1st of November. So it was about 4 months of leisure plus job hunting. If I had it my way, I would have wanted a gap year of some sort. Maybe do volunteering or internship work. Or start a small business, or travel, or try something new and exciting.

But I quickly realised that none of those would have been possible.

Now before you think I’m pessimistic or argue that “anything is possible if you just believe”, try to understand my situation. I was a fresh graduate with little to my name. Sure my parents had financially supported my education but that was just that. Since I had graduated, it was not their responsibility to financially support me anymore. I would have to support myself. And because the system of the world we are living in is based on money, I had had no choice but to acquire an income to be able to live adequately.

I am lucky to be able to get a job so soon and one that I am quite happy with. I used to say that I would not like to have a 9-5 job and thought of doing something I would actually enjoy or perhaps starting my own business. But because I enjoy so many things and that I know nearly nothing about running a business, a normal office job seemed to be more likely than anything.

And so I set up a condition for myself. If I have to work at an office, it must be something I would find of value, not a corporate company (if possible), and pays relatively well for a fresh graduate. Thankfully, Fate (God) managed just that for me. I am now working as a trainee consultant at a private, local environmental consulting company.

It is a job I find of value because it deals with the environmental sector, which I had for months thought of going into after graduation even though it is not the subject written on my graduation certificate. In case you’re curious, I graduated with a BSc Natural Sciences in Chemistry and Biology. Most would think that hey, Biology! It’s definitely related to the environment. I would then reply, no, what I did was more towards Biotechnology and Microbiology. It is probably only 5% related to the environment, or less. Then, they would show a look of understanding, but I will never be sure whether they truly did.

Now that I am a bit more stable, I think I know how to fit in time for blogging. And I feel the need for a bit of a change. My blog has basically been a bit of everything — books, food, lifestyle, random thoughts. I know I can’t focus on just one thing where there’s a high probability of getting more followers. My aim has never been about the numbers; it’s about sharing my perspective in life and spreading positive vibes. And I will continue to be as miscellaneous as ever.

However, I would like to focus more on the topics like philosophy, spirituality, sustainability, and the environment, and less on the random stuff. I will continue to write book reviews, as reading is a constant activity in my life. I understand that some of you may have followed me for the bookish things, as I have thought of going into book blogging. But as I’ve said, it’s unlike me to focus on just one thing because there are just so many things to share! So, I apologise if my content doesn’t please you. You may unfollow whenever you feel like it.

So the whole theme of this blog is about my journey of living a meaningful and conscious life that touches upon the subjects like minimalism, spirituality and sustainability. I am also an advocate of veganism and a fervent environmentalist. I strive for compassion in all avenues of life. So if this sounds interesting to you, I hope you would follow my blog and hopefully start a discussion.

Also, I write this to inform you that this current URL (thevioletspirit) will be changed to standardise with all of my social media. So if you would like to continue reading my stuff and supporting me, do follow my blog so that you would still be in the loop when I do change my URL by the end of this week. Otherwise, I thank you for reading and I wish you all the best in the New (Gregorian) Year! 🙂


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