Before the Flood

This is free. Watch it. No excuse.

What a profound movie! I was genuinely brought to tears towards the end during the part where the astronaut, Dr Piers Sellers showed us the model simulation of temperatures, carbon dioxide, and humidity movement around Earth. He simply said that based on scientific predictions, climate change can be stopped or reversed if we stop burning fossil fuel. To do that, us humans as citizens of Earth have to shift our mindset and change our habits gearing towards renewables. And the most heartwarming part of his narrative was about his hope in humanity.

I liked how in the beginning Leonardo DiCaprio did admit that he didn’t know much about climate change. And so the movie was his journey learning about it and in a way, I felt like going on that journey with him as well. I’ve been reading about the impacts of climate change but I’ve never actually looked at it. Some things are truly beyond our imagination. So this movie gave me the chance to see it for myself even though I couldn’t physically be at those places. 

I T    I S    U P    T O    A L L    O F    U S

1. consume differently and more consciously — think about what you buy, what you eat and how you get your power.

2. vote for leaders who will fight climate change — end fossil fuel subsidies, invest in renewables, leave fossil fuels in the ground, support carbon tax.



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