On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher (review)



This story follows Evie Snow, who dies at 82, on a journey of unburdening her soul of three secrets that she has kept from her family in order to move forward and open the door to heaven.


Class & Wealth

Evie Snow comes from a rich family that puts importance in title and wealth. This sounds kind of like it is set in the Georgian or Victorian era but there are modern elements in the story so the time frame is quite unclear. But the author once said that this was intentional.

Evie had somehow grew up not caring about such social standings. Her mother wanted her to marry Jim Summers who was from another wealthy family. Jim was Evie’s best friend, and although Jim had loved Evie more than a friend, he had never expected more from Evie.

The turning point was the year when Evie made a deal with her mother that if she can’t keep a stable job within a year, she would have to marry Jim. Within that year, she met and fell in love with Vincent Winters. Both of them got along well and I think it’s mostly because both of them yearning to achieve some form of freedom.


Love & Sacrifice

This novel showed me that love can force you into making difficult choices. It was heartbreaking reading what hard choices Evie had to pick but I respect her so much for being so selfless. Besides her love with Vincent, there was also familial love with her younger brother. At least not all of her family members were as cruel as the queen bee.


Magical Realism

I absolutely loved the description of how Evie’s afterlife seemed like. The author definitely has a brilliant sense of imagination and translated that very well into words. It wasn’t difficult to picture it in my mind and I was quite pleased with such authentic descriptions.




It was a fast read for me and I quite enjoyed the story. However, the theme is rather too simple for my taste, like the theme of class and wealth. That is rather unoriginal. But I suppose in a way it is still a current issue in some parts of the world and I commend the author for raising the issue. The book also highlights the gender spectrum in a seamless way. This is a good fiction book debut for the author and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

Title: On the Other Side

Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

Language: English

Pages: 345

Rating: 3.5 violas

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