rationalising laziness

I haven’t been very productive on my social media these past few weeks, if you hadn’t noticed already. There are video clips to edit and post, there are pictures to be sorted into albums, and there are stories to be written. And yet, I have done none of those to an accomplished degree.

So I’ve decided that enough is enough and I need to get back on track for the sake of my sanity. I shall start with the very reasons why I have been inactive. This is my attempt to get out of the writing slump. Let’s hope this works.

1) No Motivation

It seems that it’s easier to accomplish things when you have a ton of other things to do, as ironic as that sounds. I’d like to call it procrastination. I think I do well when I procrastinate. But then my compulsory work gets pushed aside, which brings me to…

2) Disorganised

I was never one to be so well-organised even though I might appear as such. I never kept a daily to-do journal and even if I did I tend to drop the habit within a week of starting. But I have kept diaries, as in writing-my-daily-thoughts diaries. I seemed to prefer that much more than the aforementioned. I guess it’s simply because it’s less work.

3) Lost Focus

I had written down a list of things I want to do but I suppose it became quite overwhelming and so the most comfortable thing to do was to ignore it. Plus, I’ve had the added pressure in getting a job so that I won’t have to live in the mercy of others. What a conundrum: to keep true to my values but finding it difficult to show companies or organisations my honesty and determination as I have next to nothing to offer, and ended up submitting to the usual mediocrity hoping for an easy income. Oh, the guilt!

4) Over-ambitious

I am an idealist and sometimes I forget to consider the realistic perspective. I have huge ideas and plans that seem impossible, and I have to keep reminding myself to consider each small step and not to jump ahead. For example, I have so many ideas for how my blog is going to develop — I have been thinking of including information on veganism, minimalism, sustainability, awesome books, and all that good stuff. But I forget that I am just one person and all of those needs proper research and time. This ties in to the fact that I have been disorganised. Don’t get me wrong, I am still excited in doing all of this but it can get quite overwhelming. 

5) Mercury Retrograde

This is a rather inconsequential reason but it might have been one of the causes, albeit indirect. So Mercury is in retrograde. This means that from Earth’s point of view, Mercury seems to be going backwards due to its orbiting the Sun quicker.

Imagine you’re running around a field and someone else catches up on you. You feel pressured. Then, you see that person rounding the corner and they are already on the other side. So it seems as though they are going in the opposite direction. That’s how Mercury is like in relation to Earth right now. This phenomenon, which happens about four times an Earth year, started on the 30th August and will end on the 22nd of September.

In astrology, the phrase “As above so too below” is uphold. Whatever happens in outer space affects the planets, and hence the creatures on Earth. Basically, there’s a shift in energy as Mercury moves past Earth and this affects all types of communication and actions. This may be why I have been unproductive and nothing seems to be going forward. 

But astronomists disagree with this and said that gravity from very distant bodies can’t possibly affect our lives. It just doesn’t make sense in the framework of physics. At least that’s what this article says.

I know that some people, despite this Mercury retrograde, are doing very well in their lives. Whether it’s true or not, at least to me it feels about right and so it’s in this list!


So what do I do now?


Remind myself of my goals and ambitions. Ask myself the WHYs, WHATs and HOWs. Why do I need to do this? What do I want to do with my life? How do I go about it? I need to build the intrinsic motivation so that I do not have to depend so much on external ones.


I’ve been inspired to keep a bullet journal, like this one, but customised to my needs. I’ll properly start in October but for now I shall plan ahead. I need to do this, so no exceptions. If I still am not disciplined, I will only have to remember that I would be the one suffering.


With the bullet journal, I hope to keep my focus. I shall only do a few things a day and actually do them. Focus on one thing at a time. Schedule everything — from events to attend to blog posts. Set a deadline. An accountability partner would be ace.


Too often I tend to look ahead without completing current tasks. I am trying so hard to not peel my eyes away from this screen. I think I’m succeeding. I just need to prioritise and be committed to the task at hand. Again the journal would help keep things organised.


In conclusion, I just need to get rid of my negative attitude and get organised. To help me do so, I need intrinsic motivation, or at least a strong reason to move forward. A good support system would help tremendously, but I don’t have that yet. But I’ll keep searching, and I’ll just keep swimmin’!

Much love and light to you all ❤


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