listening to words

Have you ever wondered what people are listening to when you see them with earphones plugged into their ears? Pop music? Punk-rock? Classical? If you ever do see me walking by with a pair, which is quite rare, you can safely assume that I would be listening to someone talking.

It started with The Minimalists podcast. Thankfully, it is free. So I subscribed and every new episode would appear on the Podcasts app on my iPhone. How convenient. Then, I found the podcast Let’s Know Things. I seem to be listening to heavier and heavier stuff, kind of like a pop music lover converting to black metal.

Currently, I am listening to something different. Not a podcast, but a book. Yes, I am listening to a book. It is not uncommon, at least not in the Western part of the world. But it is new for me. I signed up for the Audible 30-day trial just so that I can listen to this newly released book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani.

Why don’t I just buy the physical copy of the book? Well, a couple of reasons: I am at a transition state, as I am moving from one place to another and so I do not want to add more things into my travel bags, and why should I spend money for it when I can have it in some shape or form for free? I might get the physical copy some time in the future if I have further need for it, but at this moment, the audiobook will do just fine.

I would absolutely encourage people to subscribe to podcasts or buy audiobooks. It is I think a good way to ‘read’ books if you are the kind of person who does not quite enjoy the act of reading per se. You can listen on the go, in the the car or while doing your ‘business’ in the loo.

If you can afford to subscribe to a set of TV programmes or Netflix, then I’m sure you can allocate your budget for audiobooks. It’s a matter of choice and what you want to feed your mind with. I, for one, do not subscribe to or watch either of those, so once I have some form of budget, I would buy more audiobooks… and physical books, too!


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