When I am obsessed

I dive deep for days

I go on the same website

Search for new ones

Satisfying my curiosity

 my desire

but knowing I cannot have it in my hands.


When I am obsessed

I hold on to the thought for days

It follows me to bed

And even in my dreams

Wishing it was here

 with me

but knowing I cannot grasp it in my hands.


When I am obsessed

I would think of ways

To get it from my head

To the palm of my hands

I may not have it today

 or tomorrow

but I know that one day it will be in my hands.

1st august 2016

I wrote this literally 10 minutes ago after days of being obsessed about typewriters. I used the search engine extensively to learn more about them, browsed the prices on sale, and found that there is such a thing as typewriter poets. Those poets write poems on the spot and give them to people passing by on a busy street. This particular group of people has a name: Typewriter Rodeo. 

Naturally, I got inspired. And because I have this urge to share a bit about my actions when I am obsessed with something, I just typed the above poem within minutes. I did so because it’s the quickest way to let it out, and I know better than to keep it in. My first real obsession was classics and period dramas when I was 15 and I did not really share that with others. That was 7 years ago and I still love them but the obsession period could have dissipated more quickly if I had actually expressed it more freely.

So I hope that I can come to terms with not acquiring a typewriter (at least not in the near future) much more quickly than I had to with not acquiring a corset, a crinoline, a hat and an elegant Victorian dress.

(picture from eumycota.blogspot.com)


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