Tutting is a style of dance that creates angular poses with one’s arms and/or fingers, bending the joints to 90 degree angles. The difficulty lies in performing such poses to the beat of the music. It’s an extension of the robotic type of dance and one can also include popping and locking for versatility. The combination of tutting, animation, popping and locking produces amazing visual effects that I just can’t get enough of.

This video shows just the very basic of what it is. It’s not grand, of course, but I had fun learning and doing it. It’s important to know the basics and keep on practising to achieve the level of spontaneity that I quite envy. The more I learn about tutting, the more I realise that technique is just a minor part of it. One has to ‘let go’ and let the music move oneself. To master dancing, I believe, is to master the art of not thinking. I’m sure that that can be applied to basically any art form.



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