Gorgeous Cambridge!

Four years ago, I applied to Cambridge University. I got through to the interview stage but did not secure a conditional offer. Right after the interview, I somehow knew I wouldn’t be accepted mainly because I could not produce a satisfactory answer to some of the questions. And no, I was not being too hard on myself for thinking that. My intuition is always right even though I might not know the reason or that I choose not to acknowledge it. Now, I understand myself better and I trust my intuition more than ever.

So going to Cambridge was like a suppressed desire to experience living in a city with a high reputation for academic success. Although this trip was only for a few days, I was glad to have at least visited the university that rejected me. I might have held grudges but I can now be sure that I have let them all go after seeing such beauty. I simply cannot feel negatively about something that makes me feel good.

Things happen for a reason; I believe that a hundred percent. Deep down I know I couldn’t have survived the demands of being a student in Cambridge considering my personality and mindset then. It would have been too much pressure living up to the expectations. I was and still am grateful to have been a student in Durham.

As a tourist in Cambridge, one full day was enough to cover the city. The University is basically the whole city so unless you’re a student, you can’t really get more out of it than necessary. Sure you can take pictures of the buildings but there is no real meaning attached to it.

After punting and admiring the colleges, Aliyyah and I had time to spare and so we decided to watch the movie ‘Me Before You’ at VUE cinemas. We sat back on the reclining chairs and let ourselves immersed in romance and heartbreak.

But of course we did not leave Cambridge with sadness, or at least not very much. Perhaps when I feel like studying something in-depth and that the area of study is available in Cambridge, I might apply as a postgraduate student. I believe Aliyyah might have already set her sight on a Masters degree there. She still has plenty of time to decide, as she will be going into her final year of undergraduate study. So we shall see what the future holds.


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