Conversation Is Therapy

If it were not for my past deep relationship with loneliness, I don’t think I would’ve appreciated company and conversation as much as I do now.

No one has ever told me that the easiest way to let anger, frustration, disappointment, puzzles, and everything else plaguing my mind is to just talk about it. I suppose I can’t blame anyone because talking has become as natural as walking. And so people assume that it is common sense to do so.

But it seems that in this day and age, having a good conversation with someone is losing its place in our daily lives what with the dictatorship of technology and self-consciousness. Because talking seems to be the norm, no one dares to make it a point or a solution when dealing with any mental or emotional issues. Instead, people would recommend drugs or fresh air.

We don’t need to look far or reach deep into our pockets to cure those kinds of illnesses. We just need to look up from our phones, face our neighbours, open our mouths and pour our hearts out. If you are willing enough to get rid of all the anxieties you are feeling, you would at least be willing to try to let yourself be vulnerable and have a meaningful chat with another human being. Who knows, they might be dealing with similar problems.


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