Embrace the Present [7/7]


Let’s top it off with diamonds.

The trick to living a fulfilling life each day is pretty simple: live in the now. We often worry about things that have either happened or about to happen. Now this is not to be mistaken with planning for the future, as that does help in setting some sort of direction. But it is not worth obsessing over it more than necessary.

I am an obsessed thinker. I think things through a couple of dozen times over just to make sure that the day unfurls in a correct sequence or that the tofu is added to the pan after the spinach (not before) when cooking fried rice. All the while forgetting to appreciate the rainbow at one corner of the sky or smell the aroma of spices wafting right under my nose.

But ever since I consciously practice gratitude daily, I worry less. I take one step at a time and deal with situations as they come. Despite planning ahead, there will always be something that catches me off guard. Perhaps I bump into someone I have not met for quite a while, or that not enough yield is produced from a practical laboratory experiment. In any case, I would first welcome whatever feelings that come naturally in response to the situation. Then, I would assess whether such feelings are of value at that time. If so, I’d embrace them even more. If not, I’d center myself back to neutral and adjust accordingly.

Another way that I find useful in living each day to the fullest is to think of the possibility that that day would be my last. Since I think a lot, there is no surprise that the thought of death often comes to mind. Instead of feeling fearful towards it, I accepted that fact and in a way made peace with it. Death is certain for every mortal being and so all I can do is prepare for it.

I question myself every day, “If you were to die today, would you be satisfied with what you have done so far?”.

And, I think, to be somewhat satisfied is to become childlike. I realise that children are the happiest. I know that because I was also once a carefree child. Although I am aware that as adults, we have certain responsibilities, I’m sure it is not impossible to approach those duties in a positive and welcoming manner, just like a curious child who would grab a worm from the dirt, not even worrying about germs. And if it does not hurt you, hug it. If it does, let it go and seek other wonders.

So basically, laugh when you are amused, cry when you are upset, fall when you need to bounce back up higher and sleep when you are completely worn out. And if you do wake up, be grateful that it is another brand new day for you!



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