The Beginning Is The Toughest

I am so excited to have received this Zero Waste Home book I bought off Amazon. This is definitely my number one guide on this journey of reducing waste and downsizing my belongings. The introduction describes this book as a practical guide towards zero waste, as close as possible. Flipping through the pages, I can see bullet points and simple doodles. Who doesn’t like that?

I have also been researching on other websites about alternative or off-grid living because it connects to the minimalistic aspect. I find it interesting and I often wonder whether I would be able to live like that.

Sustainable living is another one. I’m particularly keen on permaculture gardening, i.e. working with Nature instead of against it. I do want to live in a place where I can produce fruits, herbs and vegetables at my own backyard. And to do so, I first need the knowledge.

I guess you can say I’m quite obsessed with sustainability. I am determined to improve my way of life and contribute less and less carbon footprint on this Earth. I do believe that with conscious effort, I can definitely achieve that.

Now, as you bear witness, this is my first step — the start. And generally, the beginning is always the toughest. But it’s good that I’m struggling, because it means I am trying to move. And this is surely better than stagnation.


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