Why New Year’s Day Irked Me

I don’t mean to sound like such a pessimist, but there was this certain queer vibe when the Gregorian calendar began a New Year.

Stepping out of an invisible cage and learning to unlearn have been my struggle these past couple of years. Once my eyes were open to the various systems that govern me without my conscious consent, I began to scrutinise every idea or concept that seems to be the norm in our lives.

To cut the story short, the Gregorian calendar is based on Jesus’ birth  (whether or not it is really his date of birth is arguable). If it is based on Jesus’ birth, why is it not his birthday on the 1st of Jan? But history also says it goes way back to the Romans, which was then the Julian calendar. The Julian calendar was modified around 1500s to the now known Gregorian calendar so that it reflects the the actual time taken for one cycle of Earth around the Sun.

Sure, that is logical, I admit.

But why start in the middle of winter (in the Northern hemisphere) and not Spring or Autumn? As far as I know, there is certainly no tangible start point on the orbit. And there is not much significance if the cycle is based upon the Sun, except perhaps the changing seasons on the Northern and Southern hemispheres, not affecting those living along the Equator.

Observing and understanding natural phenomena are the consequences of spiritual awareness. At least for me, I’d want to find ways to feel more connected with the natural environment around me, to allow my spirit to feel more ‘at home’.

So I shift my view towards the Moon, the closest observable natural satellite to Earth.

Throughout human history, the Moon has been one of the most important, if not the most important, celestial guide. We have been observing the phases of the moon (thanks to the light from the Sun) and so we know that they correspond to about a 30-day cycle, i.e. a month. Now of course it doesn’t correlate to the seasons and the solar cycle, but I think that breaking it down to consistent, observable cycles of 30 days is much simpler.

Why complicate life when there are simpler alternatives?

I think the main reason why the current calendar system is based on the Sun is so that it could accommodate to our daily activities — naturally we humans work during the day. This gradually and perhaps unconsciously, feeds our ego. As a society of this generation, we are finding ways to ensure that the world can adapt to us, no longer the other way round, even when we are well aware that we are nothing but a micro-dot in the Universe.

It’s great that people get excited about the new year — new resolution, new motivation, new everything. I could actually feel the positive vibe despite the high amount of negative energy that has accumulated in this world (and that’s another reason why I disagree with this whole celebration — wars, famine, homelessness, tyranny, oppression, etc). Those positive vibes I felt did help me in deciding to write and publish on a blog again, and talk about issues that matter, like this one, ironically.

Imagine if this happens every (lunar) month instead of every year. Wouldn’t it increase the amount and frequency of positive vibrations?  Wouldn’t we achieve so much more as we make more resolutions and acting upon them more frequently? Wouldn’t those positivity, from being in tune with Nature, help in alleviating global suffering?

I fervently believe so. But until the majority of human beings on Earth learn from our wise ancestors, shed their egos, and appreciate the natural wonders around them, cultivating sympathy and compassion within them, mass suffering and destruction will just proceed as normal…

As normal as mindless, meaningless celebrations according to the Gregorian calendar.


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