What I Eat | PASTA

I thought I’d share some simple (as I’m an amateur cook), quick (time is not always in a student’s favour) and guilt-free (exclusively plant-based) meals that look aesthetically pleasing enough.

Starting with…


Obviously this is a lazy pasta where I chucked the ingredients I felt like incorporating into the boiled fusilli pasta.

You can basically use any kinds of pasta but this particular type is one of the fastest to be cooked (around 10 mins). I usually add just enough water to cover the pasta, but not too much so that I do not have to discard water when the pasta is cooked. After about 5 minutes — that is after the water has boiled and you put in the pasta and you lower the heat to let it simmer — I added some broccoli. There’s no need to worry if the broccolis do not submerge in the water, as the steam that comes out would, well, steam the broccoli.

When the pasta’s cooked, I checked whether there is a bit too much water left to proceed. Usually there would be just a little water, in which case I’d leave it as so, but if it’s a tad too much I’d slowly pour some out of the pan. Or, you could just leave it to boil for a few more minutes for the water to evaporate (but ain’t nobody got time for that!).

The next part is simple; I just added sufficient amount of chopped (tinned) tomatoes, basil leaves, kale, tofu, and black pepper (any seasoning). I could’ve added a clove of garlic as well but I forgot.

Sure it’s not the tastiest of pasta but it’s good enough for me because I like a bowl of pasta with tomatoes and gravy-like texture from both the chopped tomatoes and the amazing, protein-rich tofu.


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