Having complete control over my own body is so important to me, especially having known weakness in all forms.

I think many had thought me weak although they did not admit it to my face, except my mama. Who could blame them? I was terribly skinny and I did not show much interest in sports. The latter perhaps due to a psychologically traumatic experience with gymnastics whereby after a couple of years or so of doing splits and bridges, my stomach decided to act against me and suffice to say I got ill during every class.

So I had to quit. The pain was too much and too embarrassing.

That was in primary school.

I did participate in physical education classes as instructed to. But no more competitions and regular practice for me. Little did I know, I was allowing my body to rot further.

Fast forward — after an operation and a long recovery period — I began noticing that bulge on my tummy. Thanks to the media, insecurity got the best of me. The natural reaction was to feel sorry for yourself and cry at your imperfections whilst eating more McDonald’s.

So what changed?


Thanks to the media (in a more positive way), my mind was bombarded with information on how fast food is toxic and that there is this conspiracy to create a mass of “sheeples”. Of course being curious minded, I consumed these seemingly legit facts.

Well, they were legit. Most of them at least. Although I knew I couldn’t do anything much about the conspiracies, at least I could change the types of food I eat. So I eat less and less fast food — I dislike soda drinks anyway — and eat more of the good stuff. And so I just gradually became more health conscious.

Fast forward to a couple years later, that is about 3 months ago, I switched to a vegan diet.

Whoa, that’s sudden.

Not quite. I did do my research and I did learn about the scientific proven facts and information with regards to animal agriculture industry. And I simply thought it was horrible and something needs to be done about it. Since I couldn’t go straight to a CEO of a company and ask them to stop the cruelty, I just decided to do what I could actually do. So I did my (very small) part of becoming vegan.

And, let me tell you, I feel stronger than I have ever felt in such a long time!


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