Let Us Revive This Dying Planet

Face it, every living organism will soon die. But that does not mean letting one’s life wither away. We are all here for some purpose and until we reach the end of our journeys, we always have something to strive for.

And for me, I strive to keep this Earth alive.

You can’t deny that most of the destruction on Earth is caused by human beings — cutting down trees, producing toxic chemicals, building concrete cities etc. It is devastating that they are all done at the cost of living beings; animals that enhance biodiversity become extinct and plants that actually help us to breathe, die.

Once I realised the connectedness of all spirits, and how they are harmoniously important, I knew I had to change the way I live. Needless to say, I was careless about this matter, mostly because I was ignorant of the depth of the problem. Thankfully, I have now come to a spiritual epiphany at a relatively young age.

Changing my diet to an exclusively plant-based one was just the first step. I am now analysing every inch of my actions, and I find that I need to improve because change comes from within, which will then reflect externally. So I have been immersing myself with this intriguing concept of ‘Zero Waste’.

Living a zero waste lifestyle means to not contribute any trash to land fills that are inherently toxic, ugly and smelly. This might seem impossible at first because we are so used to producing trash. But it is certainly not impossible as there are a handful of people doing so as I write. The two most inspirational bloggers living this lifestyle that I have discovered are Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer.

To dive into this lifestyle I think is to have a minimalist mindset. That means downsizing your belongings to only the items that you actually need. Since I have been gradually shedding my ego, I think it won’t be particularly difficult for me to do so. Indeed my spiritual journey has helped me a lot in many different ways (Alhamdulillah!).

The key is to live by, as Bea Johnson puts it, the 5R’s in this order:


It’s simple really. You just have to refuse buying things you don’t need and that cannot essentially be recycled; reduce our current belongings to those that we actually need only; reuse the items that can still function in some way; recycle suitable materials so that they could be processed in some other form; and rot or compost earthly materials such as food peelings, hair and nails.

So this section would hopefully showcase my progress, explaining in detail the steps that I’m taking or planning to take. To be honest, I’m not entirely certain whether I can actually live a zero waste lifestyle, but I will strive to at least work towards it. I am not perfect, but as human innovations have proved, things can be done as perfectly as possible.



  1. Hi Diyana,
    I like your spirit!
    I started with a plastic free phase. Now we progress even further: zero waste, minimalism, plant based diet, blogging, exchange. It is a wonderful and enhancing way to work towards a better self. Every drop counts – if you are facing death. Even the two of us are adding to a global change movement. 😉 Have a lovely evening! Esther

    1. Hi Esther!

      You are absolutely right. It is wonderful to connect with oneself and the environment. And even though it seems like today’s society is dissociated from the sense of spirit, there is always hope for improvement, thanks to people like yourself who are actively and consciously taking responsibility.

      All the best and have a good day 🙂

      Diyana x

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