Illusion of Time

Time, I believe, is either relative or illusory. In any case, it is energy travelling through space without a beginning or an end. Just like the flow of water along a river. It may have to come from a mountain top, but extending the viewpoint, the water comes from the blessing of rain from clouds, and prior to that from the evaporation of sea water, which is considered to be the ‘end’ of a river.

But there is no end, nor a beginning, you see. It is just our limited human minds setting barriers on every natural phenomenon so that we can make sense of it (or, God forbid, govern it). To me, time within our humanly context makes sense if it’s relative to the easily observable cycle of nature; the lunar cycle.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if, once again, we look up at the night sky searching for the illuminated moon, be it crescent, full or gibbous? Wouldn’t it increase our sense of being, the connectedness with nature, if we appreciate the amazing night sky more often than we do the mechanical, un-living clock?

​Well, that is just wishful thinking from me.


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