7 Essential Virtues to an Enlightened Life

I knew about the book entitled The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma months ago but only recently did I decide to read it. I suppose it was driven by a sudden thread of curiosity to know the contents of such an attractive title, and also the fact that my one-month free membership… Continue reading 7 Essential Virtues to an Enlightened Life


I had a really┬álively lunch yesterday, partly because I just needed the nutrients and partly because I needed to eat the lettuce before they wilt. On the plate were cooked quinoa, lettuce, guacamole, and seasoning (dill, pepper, chilli flakes). I cooked the quinoa a few days ago so that saved some effort. The guacamole was… Continue reading What I Eat | GREEN GALORE

Grocery Shopping Transition

In my attempt to reduce waste and the negative environmental impact that I have been guiltily contributing to, I have decided to make some changes with the way I grocery shop. For the past few months, that is before I was aware about the Zero Waste concept, I had been doing online grocery shopping on… Continue reading Grocery Shopping Transition